The bookmarks

A fragile object, a bookmark is the avid reader’s closest ally.
In order to address the problem of its fragility, we have created parchment bookmarks. This material is as noble as it is solid.
Derived from the Latin Pergama, meaning “skin of Pergamos,” the village in which this material was produced during antiquity, the parchment is composed of animal skin (often lamb skin) and treated so as to serve as a writing tool. Long used by copyist monks during the medieval period, parchment was succeeded by papyrus after the 7th century to finally be replaced by paper.
Our parchment comes from the French tannery Varcuir.

Imperial symbol

This bookmark lends the elegance of the French empire to your reading hours.

Arthurian legend

This bookmark will bring a mystical touch to your reading hours.

Coat of arms of the old regime

This piece will give a touch of stateliness to your reading time.